Thursday, December 24, 2009

29`! woo-hoo

Yes, it's 29`, expecting 24` tonight. The snow started this afternoon and hasn't stopped since. We're going to have a white Christmas!!! (for the first time I have ever lived here!) (also, to clarify from the last post, the snow stayed for 1/2 and hour, not snowed for half an hour).

P.S. Pop's came to Texas yesterday! He's going to be here for Christmas and possibly for the New Year. We don't know yet. We're just glad to have him here for the moment.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it Snow!!

Yes, you heard me right; it snowed!
"What? In Texas? But it was just 74` the other day!"
Yep! And today (actually this happened on the 2nd) we got good, solid, white, wet, snow!

We got a good solid 1/2 inch for a good solid 1/2 hour! I think it's an omen for this December. =)