Friday, March 11, 2011

Some days. hmph.

Some days are really bad. Some days feel like they didn't happen, and there should be waaaay more to it - is it really over? Some days I have to sit down, and wonder what in the world I did that day that was worth-while. Some days the only thing I feel like I did well was going to Seminary. Some days just need to be plowed through to reach the next dawn. Some days I sit down and think for a long while about what I am thankful for. And then it all comes back. And I am okay. And my life does not spin wildly without any intention of stopping in any particular direction for me anymore. Some days, it takes time, and some really great happy music to build up again.
And some days, some days end with me saying thank you, going to sleep, and dreaming deeply while the world continues to spin.