Sunday, July 11, 2010


I hear a lot about how the world is ending. About how our society is becoming demoralized, and how the family is being weakened. About how superstars and athletes are being glorified. The world will end eventually, but I don't think that it'll happen any time soon.

Today for my Mom's sunbeams class, she told the story of Moses, and of the Pharaoh, and how Moses came to be in the palace. She had her three-year-olds act out the different parts - Moses, Pharaoh, the Princess, Moses's Mom, his Sister, and his Brother. She said that they acted it out about four different times, and that every time they would switch around parts. She has three little girls in her class, and all of them are disney princess diva's, so I thought that there would be a huge scene about who could be the Princess, but my Mom said that the most popular part there was the Mom. The Mom who had the brown shawl, and not the hot pink one (which, by the way, is their favorite color), and who did not live in the castle. I can totally see them too, sitting there with the baby doll in their arms, playing the Mommy role.

So, maybe the world is ending. Maybe "society" is going downhill. But as for me, I think we're pretty safe for now.