Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Post - January 18

Wait, what?!

What a slacker. On the upside, I've been journaling!

So, an update on the fam:

Dad: is planning a fishing trip with Noah in the fall, and is so exited about it! He is the Young Mens Pres. and tries to hunt when he can. He also has a new toy called TV-be-gone that looks like an ipod, but is really a universal remote. A couple of nights ago Dad and I went out on a Daddy-Daughter-Date and saw a movie, and then went for some drive-by TV off turnings at a few sports bars. Good times. :)

Mom: is the Sunbeams teacher, and loves it! She crafts and is currently working on decorating our house. She loves the homeschooling group we're in right now, and is teaching a class there.

Noah: is a social butterfly. Or maybe a Moth would be more manly. Definitely a social Moth. We both went to youth conference about a month ago, and loved it (the theme was LIFE: Live It!). He is stoked about the fishing trip, and is trying to convince Dad to take him to New Jersey on a business trip so that he can visit New York and a friend while he's up there. We're both signed up for EFY and are practically counting down the days until we get to go! He recently re-discovered motown and is now a avid listener, right now his profile picture on crackbook - I mean facebook - is Sly Stone. Oh yea.

He is also going to Collin county Community College part time and really likes it. Goodness, I could write a whole post on Noah, so I'll just sum up with he enjoys life! If you want details, then feel free to write to him on CB (dang it!) FB.

Emily: is very busy. I'm enjoying school, Piano recitals, my babysitting job twice a week, my garden, Seminary (that goes for both Noah and me), sewing, and good buddies (especially when we have movie nights!). I really liked General Conference this year! I'm looking forward to Girls CAmp this summer, and am trying to save up enough babysitting dinero to pay for both camp, and EFY. All good things. :)

We are all really grateful that winter is over, and that the Texas Bluebonnets have decided to come out!