Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quotable Friend Cont.

I told you, dear reader, about Elmo. I recently had a chance to talk to her again. We reminisced on some of her blonde-moments. I would like to share them with you.

ELMO: *deep in thought*.... *showing sudden annoyance* "That's so stupid how they do it out of planes!"
HER MOTHER: "Um... What?"
ELMO: "Fly fishing!
That would be so expensive, and really hard..."

(setting:coming back from body worlds)
ELMO: "I wonder what they do with the skin..."
ME: "Maybe they study the skin cells"
ELMO:*exasperated* "Emily, there's no such thing as skin cells.."

(setting: We were talking about Kanye West and what the president called him)
ELMO: Wait, what did he call him?
OTHER PERSON: "Jack-apple" (the real word was not appropriate for a temple recommend holder to say)
ELMO: ..... Why'd he call him that?

That's all i've got. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I have.

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