Monday, November 30, 2009

Recap of more than a MONTH

I know I haven't kept this updated (Uncle Bob!) so now I'm updating it.

October 6th: Noah turned 16!! AAAAHH!!
He celebrated his birthday in the surprise fashion and was flown to Orlando Florida for a weekend full of adventure, wonder, and intrigue. The main event was the DEW tour finals (which is kind of like the X-games, except it tours the country) but they also went to other places like The Hard Rock Cafe and theElement store. The Hard Rock was cool (from what I heard) because there was so much memorabilia (like R.E.M's jeans, and Elvis's suit, and John Lennon's piano!) in the open, and because they were given a special tour of the Cafe which included seeing the Lennon room (apparently they don't show that to a lot of people) and the "fun room" that contains memorabilia/props that's too awkward or large to display downstairs, but too cool to just give up, so they store it up there. One of the cool things about the fun room was that you were allowed to touch everything. So Noah and Mom touched the yellow bike from Yellow Submarine, and the throne that was in The King and I, and Mick Jaggers guitar, and other mind-blowing items. Not to mention a lot of signatures, because the fun room is were groups hang out before a performance in the Hard Rock theatre, and it became tradition to write your name on the wall. Noah liked his surprise. A lot. When he got back he told us about all of the insane stunts that the athletes (are they athletes?) at the DEW tour performed; using wonderous skater-lingo all the while. For about 3 days after they got back they would start each sentence with "Dude!". That's what 500 skaters for 3 days will do to you. =) It's worn off now.

October 24th: Homecoming! Noah is a 16-year old now, so he invited his "good friend" Courtney, and they doubled up with Noah's friend Jacob and his date Nina. They're so cute.

The group.
Nina's older brother Jordan standing as a warning for Jacob with his harpoon gun.
Noah: always prepared

"How you doin?
(Please note the matching corsage and button hole pin. Courtesy of Mom, she's amazing)

After dinner the boys led the girls to a candle-lit dessert awaiting them in a nearby park. There were candles lighting the path down to the dessert, and we had a little girl in the ward dress up and throw rose petals as she led them down the path. She loved doing that, and Nina and Courtney (actually, the little girls name was Courtney too) thought it was adorable. Very romantic.
(sorry about the under-line. Again. I don't know how that gets here, so I don't know how to remove it.)

October 30th: Halloween! (I'm still coming off of my sugar-rush)
Noah went off with some buddies to explore haunted-houses, but we all went to the trunk-or-treat at the church. Noah went to his friends building to do their trunk-or-treat, but we all did one. There were some really great costumes this year. I love being the Nursery leaders daughter. Here are some photographs from the event (my favorite costume I didn't take a picture of: a kid said that he was a werewolf, and it wasn't a full moon. Very clever.):

Soooo-oo mucchh suugaarrr ->

After that we went home and enjoyed Frankenstien until the wee hours of the morning. It was nice while it lasted. =)

November 25: The Gibersons (Sis. Gib, Katie, Tana, Duncan, and Thad) came over
(From left to right: Me, Tana, Katie)
and then I became ill. They left early so as not to catch whatever was causing my 102` fever. I saw a doctor on the 25th and they diagnosed me with either sever Bronchitis, or early pneumonia. I stayed sick all through..

November 26: Thanksgiving! The time when everyone comes together to remember all of their blessings. Specifically the blessing of sustenance. We had a small (as small as Thanksgiving can get) Thanksgiving dinner at home (so as not to infect everyone else) with a 8 pound turkey (compared to Aunt Lorie's beast of 22 pounds), and three pumpkin pies. =) We were eating leftovers all weekend long. Leftovers are the best.
I'm grateful for this holiday, and the time it gives us to sit down and remember how blessed we really are.

December 1: I hunkered down and posted more than a months worth of events! That's worth remembering. I was deemed completely whole yesterday so now I can go back to Seminary! =)
Now it's December and we're all busy with Christmas arrangements and holiday joviality! Tis the season.

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