Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reporting for duty -

Yep, it's May. When did that happen? Now, I suppose... that's too soon for my liking - Jubilee is in less than a month!
Or close to that. Either way, it's not a a million miles away like it was last fall; now we're taking care of business. Nowadays Mom and I go to 3-4 Jubilee meetings a week. It's kinda taken over our lives, in a good way - in the best way possible! So much has happened since I really posted last - it's too bad I haven't been able to record any of it. I'm kind of updating right now - a status report of sorts?
Update of the Adams:
Noah: Made all A's in his community college classes - sociology, english, and basketball. He got his permit! He's working towards his license. He's currently looking for something to do, and spends his time hanging out with Jacob, playing basketball, or playing baseball. He's exited for summer, and misses his friends a lot, but loves spending time with his FAMILY! Noah is going to be great. He was going to paint his room, and soo he thought "hey, if I'm going to paint anyway, then my walls really don't matter NOW, because they're going to be painted!" So he sharpie'd ALL OVER his walls! I love it in there :) Every time I go in I draw something new... and he's decided not to paint after all.
Mom: is doing a juggling act now. She works between kid stuff, calling stuff, Jubilee stuff, family stuff, and friend stuff. And house stuff. She is amazing. She's going all-out with Jubilee too, which makes keeping up a full-time deal. Her current side project is arranging a party for a graduating senior at the children's advocacy center - that's a side project. How amazing is she?? She still waits for the evenings though, when we can curl up on the couch with ice-cream, and a great Jane Austen movie + lulu. Those evenings are the best.
Dad: Is traveling too much! He's home now, but for a while there I was worried that all of that travel would be written in the weekly schedule. Seriously, weeks at a time. It was not fun. But he's home now! and working a lot on guns. He has a load that he wants to sell; it's become a hobby of his. He's gotten really good with guns - whatever he doesn't know he finds out. He currently has the certification for Chief Range Safety Officer. He could teach Classes if he wanted to! I am so glad that's he's home. Now if only he would read to us...
Me (Emily Anne): I am okay. I'm working on my piano always, ad reading a lot. My "Making of America" class finished up so now Wednesday is a FREE day! I haven't really begun on German, really, so I'm doing that now. Seminary is almost over, and I hope to attain Excellence in Seminary this year - I've just got to finish up the Doctrine and Covenants & ace the scripture mastery test & make up for attendance, and then I'm set! Jubilee is wonderful, and getting better every day :) Life seems to speed up while my days slow down - it's an odd transition, but I'm getting there, to the point where I can manage it well. Okay, and Personal Progress... well, it's still there. I will get to it, I know I will. It's just a matter of prioritizing. Like right now!
I should be getting ready for bed. Or watching American Idol. What in the world am I doing on here when Scotty is waiting to serenade me on DVR?!
I'll write soon. :)

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