Monday, October 17, 2011

These are the days I'll remember :)

Anyone reading this blog must think that I am severely bi-polar. ANNOUNCEMENT: I am most decidedly not. So, now that that's taken care of...

I have a great family. Really, truly, great.
Noah got his Eagle this last Sunday!! We're so proud of him :) He's certainly worked hard enough at it. His dedication is inspiring. He hit a few rough patches, but it's all good now!

My Dad, just plain rocks. He doesn't have any more travel for the rest of October!! **does happy dance** In the meantime, we're working on the truck (oh, about that! We ordered a part from a junkyard, and from the description, it sounded like the part we needed, but alas, 'twas not. So we (we = Dad) called the yard and explained the situation, and they gave us the part that we NEED free of charge! That's good customer service.) and gettin' ready for the "perfect" hunting season for hogs 'round these parts. When all the bugs are dead. And the plants. Which means no pesky allergies! We both went out Saturday with a good friend of my Dads, and scouted a new hunting lease. All Saturday long. I loved it, a lot :) The people out there in the wild Texas country are hilarious! They're open and honest about everything. They live plain lives, which I much rather prefer to those mad city schedules.

My Mom's working towards the perfect life. She loves laughing :) Honestly, Noah and I hang out with her so much, that I can't imagine life without her. She keeps me in line. :)

You know, alllll the time I feel really inspired to write on here, and feel a great, big, perspective-altering entry just waiting to burst through, but now that I'm here, I feel just fine. Funny how that works.

Noah's best friend turned 18 yesterday. That's strange. He's an Elder now! Man, that freaks me out. It doesn't seem right that everyone is older. They remain in my mind about two (or four) years younger than they are in reality. hmmfgh.

As for today, we're all just living life. I'm keepin' myself together, but that's an ongoing process. For the rest of my life. :)
The next time I feel that burn to write, I'll follow it!

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