Sunday, May 17, 2009

The 5 browns

We had another big rain here in Texas. Not as big as the other one that I wrote about, but still a big rain (even for Texas). The thing about this one was it rained for a longer time than the other one so there was more flooding. Enough flooding to make my Dad go to Bonham to pick up some hunting gear that was stationed there. Two hunting blinds and a pig trap. He said that the water was 2 feet deep!

It takes about 1 hour 8 min. to get to Bonham according to Google Maps, so thats 2 hours travel time, plus 3 hours working time to get all the stuff out. Dad had five hours of things to do so he missed out on the "Five Browns". "Who are the five browns?" you may ask...

The 5 Browns are LDS siblings that all play the piano. They went to Juilliard together and have toured the world. And, all of them been playing the piano since they were 3 years old. Most 3 year olds can't sit still during sacrament meeting but these kids learned how to play piano! They stopped in Plano a while back and did a fireside for the youth. I was too young at the time to go to it though. dang

So *this was my first time seeing them play. It was amazing! They are incredible pianist by themselves but together with the Dallas orchestra! It was stunning, breathtaking, awesome, awe-inspiring, sensational, spectacular, extraordinary, incredible, jaw-dropping! (now that I've exhausted the Thesaurus post on "amazing," I'll move on)

The first half of the presentation was accompanied by the Dallas orchestra and the second half was the pianists playing together. In the first half they did a bit called "Carnival of the Animals" that went through the different animals out there. They played the Swan, Lion, Donkey, Cuckoo Bird, Aquarium, Turtle, and the Pianist. At the end of one of the numbers I looked over at at Noah and Joseph (who took Dad's ticket) to see what they thought and..... they were asleep! Both of them! They didn't wake up until the last number in the first half from the clapping. During intermission my Mom gave them each a piece of gum and then they were fine. =)

On the way home we sorta got lost, thanks google but that's O.K. because we had a handy-dandy VZ Navigator on Moms phone to get us on the right track! In the end though, we got home at around 12:00. Oops!

Seminary the next day wasn't as enjoyable as usual for some reason.

*This happened on Thursday the 14th

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