Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rained out

Yesterday was supposed to be a "last supper" at Bishop's house before Trek but, unfortunately, the elements had other ideas. The plan was to go over to Bishops house to swim, and smoke yummy meat, and swim, and eat, and... and I think you get the picture. But it was not to be.

It was overcast all day, and I think it sprinkled for a few minutes in the morning, But the sky didn't give any other indication of the massive storm that it was harboring. We (Dad, Noah and I) got there an hour early to set the fire going in the smoker and set chairs up. It was steadily getting darker as we became more prepared for the activity.

We started seeing lightning about 20 minutes before the activity, and we told the few people that had started swimming Noah to get out of the pool. Ten minutes before the activity a tornado warning was issued. We were about to start to make phone calls to tell people not to come but before we had the chance, it stopped. By the time people started showing up it had become apparent that this would be a very short activity. People would eat, chat a little, and then leave. That's all that they would have time to do before the storm would hit.

It's amazing how fast you can do things if you really put your mind to it. We cleaned up the all the food, got chairs picked up, and got the smoker squared away in 7 minutes (that's a estimate, it could have been longer). People were still arriving despite the green sky and 2nd tornado warning. Those people were promised burger's and by golly they got them!

Going home was a nightmare though. Los Rios (a flood area) was crazy! We didn't know if it had ust started raining there, of if it was flooded. But we had to get home as quickly as possible and that was the quickest route. To be safe, we put the truck into four wheel drive. We lived. It wasn't flooded too badly.

The rain stopped about ten minutes after we were home and safe in the closet. So, the storm lasted about 30 minutes. Not so massive... in our area. From what I heard, the place where we're doing Trek (which started today!) got hammered!

Poor Trekkies.

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