Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trek and other tidbit's

Really sorry about the delay!
There's just been so much going on like, Noah going to EFY, and cleaning the house, and catching baby birds (more on that later) and umm.... did I mention that I got a sewing machine!?


My Dad gave it to me! I love that guy! It was really unplanned, I had no idea until I opened the box! Dad loved keeping me in suspense. I love it (the sewing machine, not the suspense)! It's has a lot of features that I don't know how to work yet, but I will. I'm reading the manuel. After I'm finished with the manuel, I'll know how to monogram, do button holes, make quilts, and, umm . . . lots of other things. I don't know what they are yet because I haven't gotten to that part of the manuel!

Anyway, about Trek.

It finally happened! The youth of your stake trekked! They were supposed to trek 25 miles, but after the 2nd day there were so many kids that had heat exhaustion, and the doctor was down to 5 (?) IV's. So they decided to cut the hike short. Granted, they still stayed in the wilderness of the LBJ Grasslands for the full three days. But they only trekked 10 (some have said 9 1/2) miles. In two days!

The *first day it was awfully muddy (from what I hear). Some of the trekkies said the mud was up to their shins, and they had the muddy pants and pantaloons to prove it. They had to push their 350 pound carts through clay (from what I was told). Helen Butcher said that it was "the most physically and mentally demanding thing she had ever done in her life". But every trekkie that I spoke too said that it was worth it. All the youth- from our ward at least- bore their testimony of the faith of the pioneers, and of the gospel itself. A lot of them testified of the power of the preisthood and family's. You could really feel the spirit when they bore their testimony's.

A lot of the trekkies said that doing Trek has really made them appreciate the things that they said they had taken for granted before. Like food, and mattresses, and gatorade. =)

About the bird; Dad and I were picking up a trailer from the church to convert half of it into a cooler, and there are these little birds at church called killdeers that always twitter around in the church parking lot. My Dad (he's so cool) saw a baby killdeer. Baby killdeer's can't fly, but they can run. So we chased it around the parking lot and caught it!

*This happened on Thursday the 11th

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