Friday, January 1, 2010

No ice cream? That's okay.

Tonight there was a New Years dance. It was a blast. I danced almost every dance and Noah made up for the dances he didn't dance with the way he danced the ones he did. He was never wanting for a partner. We got in about 1:30 to find that Mom was/is sick. She hasn't been feeling very good lately, and now a fever has set in. If you can, can you please remember her in your prayers?
With the new year here at last, it's giving me a chance to start over fresh. Or maybe to finish things up. Maybe something in between; starting to finish. Finishing to start.
I heard once (okay, more than once) that "each day is fresh,with no mistakes in it" but a new year is different. You measure long-term goals, and size up possible opportunities. Or maybe that's just me.
With the new year, I've decided to do a few things differently. These are mostly just s few things to keep in mind as I'm going about the day.
I would like to be kinder, and remember that the world is most definitely not going to end because of no ice cream, or because I am late. I would like to be more educationally oriented. I would like to read the scriptures every day. I would like to learn to laugh at my struggles, and look at them from a "five years down the line" perspective. I would like to listen. I would like to remember.

I am going to update this with all of the Christmas posts that I never posted. It will just come a little bit later.

I hope that your new year (it's new, so it doesn't have any spots on it. It's squeaky clean) is filled lots of lovely skies and lovely ideas. Have a wonderful 2010!

P.S. Pops is still here!! We are so glad to have him here for so long!

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