Monday, January 18, 2010

What if...

my Dad did not like basketball so much? Let's see...

He wouldn't have gone to play with the guys at church some years ago when he was a teenager.
If He hadn't gone to play, He wouldn't have made friends with the people there.
If He hadn't made friends with the people there, He probably wouldn't have been so willing to hear the missionaries.
If He hadn't heard the missionaries, He wouldn't have been baptized.
If He hadn't been baptized, His wouldn't family wouldn't have become active in church.
If He hadn't been baptized, He wouldn't have served a mission.
If He hadn't served a mission, He wouldn't have gone to a certain singles ward.
If He hadn't gone to that singles ward, He wouldn't have met my Mom.
If He hadn't met my Mom, He wouldn't have had Me and Noah,
and Noah and I wouldn't be here today.

Since my Dad's family have become active in church, they have adopted four kids, one of which is now serving a mission. My Grandma is actively engaged in family history, and the names are sent to temples to have baptism's, sealings, and endowments performed.
Noah and I were born in the church, and are preparing to serve missions.
My Dad has heard back from some of the people he taught on his mission, and they are going strong!

And it started with church basketball.

P.S. Christmas post coming soon! I'm just trying to find the camera!

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