Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Gracious!

Well, I've decided that I'm going to keep this blog going. For a long time I've just used it to look at other people's blogs - I've made a decision though. The show will go on! I suppose it won't make a difference for the 1 loyal follower (thanks Sierra!) but maybe, just maybe, if I make a habit of writing everything that's going on - family concerns and happy thoughts, personal experiences that make me grateful and things that I've just gotta share with someone - annnddd post it for all the world to see (even if all the world is preoccupied with more important things) I'll be able to see things a little bit more clearly as I look back and examine things closer to put them into words, rather then thoughts. Sure there are journals, but in journals my mind wanders wildly, and I jump from one thought to the next faster then a bumblebee in an arboretum. Here, I'll have a purpose, a focused concentration of thoughts designed to do something, not merely vent emotions (most of the time). And that's what I have to say!

Around here we joke that Texas is the bi-polar state. Texas is doing it again - it gave us just a hint of winter, just a few days of fall, just enough to set the trees off de-leafing themselves, and then started back into summer weather. It's beautiful weather, but rather hard to follow. Yesterday it was so cold I wore a jacket and boots in the morning, and then by 2:00 it was around 70 degrees. Last week it was just as indecisive, only more extreme. It fell to the looow 30's and then hopped right back up again.... it's nice, but not quite the weather we've expected now that it's December! Pssh, I should know by know not to expect anything but heat in the summer with Texas... wishful thinking is always wonderful though. It's nice being able to go outside and see the leaves and Christmas lights without having to put on a jacket. That is my happy thought :)
I'm stalling, and now I know it. The actual-factual reason I think I've started writing again isn't the indecisive weather. Howdy died today. We've had her for 14 years, and she took the eternal cat-nap today. She has been such a blessing in our home, and I am so grateful that we were able to have her. She came to us because of a garage sale. Rewind 14 years, and my Mom was at a garage sale buying a bookcase when the owners (also the people running the sale) told her that they had a cat, and they couldn't keep it. They were moving to England in a few, short days, and the person they originally intended to give the cat to was now in the hospital. So they offered. And my Mom said "no thanks." Later when they delivered the bookcase, they told that the cat (Howdy) was still there! Mom considered it, and as a surprise for my Dad, got the cat. She was already named - they called her Howdy because of her calico pattern :)
Today is May 25, 2011; I found this while looking through drafts of posts that I never published. I realized Howdy's eulogy was never completed. Well, now it will be. Howdy was such a blessing in our lives. She's a part of the family. Having her here, having her home, gave us all I think another thing to love. One more element of Home. She brought me back to earth a few times, I know. Every now and then, out of the corner of my eye, sometimes I think I see her... and then I remember. but it's okay, because she did the best that she could, and now she's living on cloud nine! :) I can't remember a time when we didn't have her... she's always been there. She had the most pampered and domestic manners! She taught Snuggs how to be an inside cat, and then she taught lulu how to sleep on Moms feet (which she now does). She was finicky, and sometimes moody, but she was a great cat. Mom called her a "celestial" cat. She gave us all love, and Home.

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