Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Stoppin' In...

Christmas is on Saturday and we're all getting in the Christmas spirit!
We've yet to decorate (technical difficulties.) but tonight we went to a neighboring neighborhood and looked at all of the lights! They have some amazing ones :) Dad took a video, so if he sends it to me, then I'll post it here. There was one house that had the entire house covered with lights and synchronized to Christmas tunes, on the radio. I didn't know people could do that! They pulled it off really well.

Anywho, a while back I was thinking, and I knew that if I didn't start writing down my thoughts, they would get sucked into that black-hole of forgetfulness in the back of my mind, so I wrote it down. Here is the result:

Ode to America

By Emily Adams

Our Founders built a House;

They laid it carefully.

It’s called our Constitution

And with it we are free.

Our House shields us from

Prejudice, greed, and mortal vice-

The kind we’ve seen history use,

And pay the price.

The foundation we know is firm,

And the divine design is sure.

For every ailment we possess,

Our House presents a cure.

Now, we build upon our faithful House

That is tried and true;

It’s too much for our little House,

It’s starting to fall through.

Improvements that offer progress,

Development, and change,

Are just another load to be endured.

Our House is looking strange

With all Its bending and shifting

To accommodate new weight-

Sometimes it seems like its name is

Its only recognizable trait.

New orders, edicts, and departments

Are brushing to the side

The pillars, and provisions,

That were so fortified.

Our new additions are crushing.

Our House can barely be seen

Among all of the Construction;

It’s like we’re wiping our slate clean.

Our House is now taller then ever;

It towers high above the rest,

But It’s only lights, windows, rented rooms-

We’ve buried away our best.

Underneath the paint, and glass, and shaken frame,

Our original still stands;

Always firm, but in need of aid;

Whatever repair demands.

Still It declares - a more perfect Union,

Tranquility, and peace,

Though It’s listeners and believers

Continually decrease.

It’s very floor is being crushed

And still It carries on;

Surviving, and entreating others

to join in Its simple song-

“Freedom and Liberty,

With God by our side;

There is nothing that can stop us

When comes the rising tide.

Our foes and persecutors may

Scoff and jeer and scorn,

But we are in America:

Where Opportunity is born.

Our present we have fought to gain.

Though they taunt, judge, and oppress,

Our future will shine brighter yet,

Our children’s children we shall bless

As we march forth with faith

Knowing that our time will come,

And our dawn will break through,

As we join in from

Our Churches, and our Homes,

For there is where we lead;

And by our example

Will He plant the seed.”

(sorry about the underlining) That's what I've got! We love you Bostons! (Uncle Bob, please tell me what you think :) Merry Christmas!

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