Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey there Dear Reader,

Why is it, that every time I sit down to write a blog post, I start out with "yep, Imma slacker"? Not keeping this thing (this lovely thing that I absolutely love, as almost no one reads it, and I can express myself freely, without fear of being reproached) updated is totally okay. I just wish I hadn't let it go quite this far.
Anyway, no use whimpering over spilt molasses. LIFE IS GOOD! And I feel fine. Most of the time.
I haven't sat down and expressed myself like this, in... well, probably since the last time I wrote in here. I've lost my journal. It isn't good to let things simmer for too long, I've found.
The care-free mind-set of summer's past, and now school, and responsibility has set in. It's good to have moderation. I forgot all about... well, all troubles while Mom and I were on vacation. I've heard that said before - "I forgot all my troubles" - and I always thought it was corny. I totally understand now. We were so occupied with having a great time, that we didn't have room for unpleasant things. Not that responsibility is unpleasant, but the memory of neglected responsibility is.
Golly, I'm just feelin' really cruddy right now!
Things always look better in the morning, and besides, I am really blessed. I shouldn't complain. I'm too blessed for that. I'll say good-night now, and look towards tomorrow for a fresh start.
It's just one of those days.
p.s. AHHH! I did it again!! This whole complaining thing! Gosh, what a downer. I'll write something positive really soon.

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