Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love my job

I'm not exactly legally allowed to have a job, but I do.
I'm illegal.
I'm breaking the law.
I'm going out on the limb.

I'm babysitting. (you wild thing!)

And the kids just crack me up!
Here are some of my favorite "ism's" from some of the kids that I babysit.

COURTNEY: "Once I was in love with a pole."

DARREN: (exclaiming the following in frustration over having dirt in his shoes) "Bad word! Stupid!" ( yes, he did say the words "bad word")

OLIVIA: (Setting: she was told of the name of the old buddy her mom had just re-connected with)
"But-ler! His name is Butt-ler?!

ZACH: "Emily? You and me are going to go to the temple and get married."

COURTNEY: "Should I make the princesses crown pink, or purple? I'll do both!"

ZACH: (speaking to his Mother) "Mom, you should wear make-up. Then people would like you better."

OLIVIA: (Relation: cousin. Setting: she was just told that she looked cute) "I kno-ow that!"

And what did I say when I was their age you ask?

EMILY: "Barbie, I have some bad news for you. You're made of plastic."

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