Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dad, Noah and I where walking to my Dad's truck right after a splendid fireside activity, and what do you think we found on the back bumper? My Mom's keys! That may not seem very important to you dear reader, but to our family it's a miracle.

That set of keys hold the keys to our house, car, the nursery cabinets at church, two mystery keys, and the "unlock/lock" clicker for our car. If we had lost that set of keys, I'm sure we could have gotten duplicates of all of them (except the mystery keys, we don't know what they unlock so we don't care for them much) but we wouldn't have been able to replace the clicker. Plus it would have taken a lot of time and pestering to get duplicates of all the other keys.

The miracle is that I put those keys on the bumper this morning, and since then my Dad's truck has traveled to and from the church five times. Our family has some very determined guardian angels to whom I am very grateful.

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